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Business Vision

Lian Cosmetics Co., Ltd. well grasps the importance of innovation and the market trend of cosmetics in the world and has made constant efforts to make customers lead various fields including market trends, research and development, and package design.


The company’s competitiveness is to reduce lead time drastically through more effective management in the whole process ranging from production planning and mass production to solving problems. These are the essential elements to make our clients more competitive and keep it in the extremely closely contested cosmetics market in the world. 


The company which tries to create beauty has created the various and effective network as the cosmetics supplier by cooperating with domestic and overseas OEM manufacturers, excellent research centers, and packaging design companies. These became the firm foothold in building infrastructure which can make our customers supply cosmetics of good quality to their customers at competitive prices.


Corporate Philosophy

FT Cosmetic Co., Ltd. seeks personal interest(人益) rather than profits(利益) and tries to realize it through customer satisfaction by the healthy coexistence of men and nature and trust.



Realize personal interest through customer satisfaction



The products sold by us are honesty and trust



Seeks personal interest, not profits



Make efforts for the healthy coexistence of men and nature

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